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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Presents For Myself

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This year I've decided to pamper myself a bit by buying Christmas presents to the one who has been soo loyally stay by my side all through my ups and downs my whole life ;)

And what's a better time than Christmas cause this is the season of giving, the season to spread love and joy around the world, and just like the Nutrilon's commercial said.. something must come from inside first, huehehehe :p

Anywayy.. I actually wanted to buy another thing for me, a pencil sharpener with a shape of cow! But there's none available with the extra small cow, huhuhu.. so I think I'm gonna wait for Gramedia's next sale, ahahaha..

Since lately I like drawing so I think it's better to buy myself something that is useful for my (temporary) "hobby" so I bought the pencil colours with more variation cause I only got about 12 colours and the sales lady even showed me the certificate of that pencil colour when I asked her which pencil colour was the best one, wakakakakak..

And I also bought acrylic colour set, huahahahaha.. it's a crazy dream of mine for one day I wish to be able to make my own "characters" that I can use for the illustration of the (children) stories I make ;)

*at times my hand just couldn't draw the image I got in my head, huahahaha :p*

And going to Gramedia's sale without buying some books felt like you ain't going there yet, ahahaha.. so I bought some books for myself.

Here they are..

stories about pirate, mice and children.. hmm.. perfectoo!

"The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart (the English version is cheaper than the translation! I wonder whyy.. *hmm*)

"Scarlet Silver : Swashbuckle School" by Sarah McConnell & Lucy Coutenay - it's about pirate, seems like interesting :D

Anddd.. "Tumtum & Nutmeg" by Emily Bearn.. I first saw this book in another branch of Gramedia in South Jakarta and since it's kinda costly and I know I'm more of the type who like buying and keeping to read (much) later, so I think it's much more wiser if I only buy books when it's discounted, ahahaha..

But I've fallen in love with this book since the first time I saw it, from the cover until the illustrations inside.. soo beautiful! And it's interesting to see the world in mice's perspective, ahahaha.. it's always intriguing to see things from the unusual ways, don't you think? ;)

So I was soo soo happy when I saw among the other imported books, woohoo.. There are actually 3 books from this series, but I think I need to hold myself a bit and wait for another Gramedia's sale to buy the other series :p

La la laa.. Merry (early) Christmas, Indah, hope you like the things that I bought especially for you.. thank you for keeping up with me all these times *hugs*

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bridge said...

kado buat gue sendiri mah sering :D wong kadang tadinya mau kasih ke orang eh akhirnya di embat juga buat diri sendiri... Dasar duduls...
Jangan lupa dibaca ya buku2nya :D

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