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Monday, November 8, 2010


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Oh myy.. yesterday I've just realized something.. something that I think is an important stuff when it relates to marriage.. something that I've been seeing all these times but never occurs to me as something that's worth-seeing and learning!

All these times many people, including me, might think that the other couple is a happier one for they've been blessed with good fortunes and from afar everything seems to go smoothly in their lives.

But sadly to say, things ain't that pretty from close.. and one thing this 'happy' couple missed is an important part in any relationship we have with each other which is.. good communication!

As for the other couple.. they have made it through their lesser cycle of life where they still stick together through thin.. and now they're facing another cycle of life which are having a twist in fortune.. from having less to having much much more :D

And I finally come to realize that each phase of our lifes has its own struggles, things that we have to overcome and not giving in to temptations and make us forget the grounds.

Hope you two can make it through your thick time.. whatever problems might be in the future, hope you'll always remember how you two stick hand in hand through any difficulties..

Congratulations ;)

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the dream catcher said...

Congrats juga deh to the happy couple

-Indah- said...

Makasihh ;)

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