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Monday, November 8, 2010

QoD : Parents

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It's funny how recently from my own inner circle, I've found out they same question they've been asking for some time, "Why do some parents always feel like their nieces or nephews are better than their own children?!"


Okayy.. to make it fair, I know some children might as well feel like their friend's parents are better than their own, ahahaha :p

I think I have the answer for this question.. it's actually simple..

It's becausee.. they don't live with them!


Believe me.. seeing things from afar might as well delute you as you begin to develop your own image perfect in your head which isn't interfered by the actual "facts".

Which gets me back to the point of.. "being grateful of whatever things you have in your hand and whoever person you have by your side", cause although they might not be 100% exactly how you want them to be, they are here with you cause they're the perfect fit for you to grow into the kind of person that God wants you to be.

At times this might not easy to accept, ahahaha.. but I choose to believe that He knows what's best for me and all things that happen in my life is part of His plan, right? ;)

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