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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sound of Hopes

 Picture is taken from :

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I have the spirits back in browsing for pictures to be posted in my Indah's Corner at Tumblr, ahahaha..

As I browsed for some pictures to find the ones that I loved.. I stumbled upon this one pic from Donna Bellas Angels.

And it's soo beautiful that I want to share it with you..

 Picture is taken from :

Take a closer look on the words on the pic..


"Beauty in Life"

Cancer changes living but
In my life I choose
To believe in hope
To know my love
To keep my faith
To build my friendships
To keep my sweet memories
To accept my grace
To embrace my courage
To welcome my peace
Feel my beauty
I choose my life
My life, my choice
Love Beauty


Hikss.. those words are so touching :')

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