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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What A Package!!

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Actually this happened yesterday, haha.. but I was too tired to write and there seemed to be other things that I wanted to write so I postponed this one :p

Last month I ordered an instrumental CD from RBC and I completely forgot about it until it finally arrived yesterday and along with the CD, I also got some pamflets and tadaa.. a booklet which topic is "What does the Bible say about patience?"

And I felt like laughing when I first read the title cause earlier that day.. I've lost my temper for couple of times, wakakakak..

So I guess the 'message' about 'patience' itself isn't a coincidence, eh? :p

What a package!!

And today is the last day of November, how's your life in 2010 been going on so far?

I think I will write about my life's theme for the current year, hehee.. I've been doing these kind of thing for some years but I forgot where I wrote those, ahahaha..

*the problem of having too many blogs :p*

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