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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CoD : Commitment

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Yesterday I made another commitment between me and the other person, but in a short while later I felt kinda disappointed for I felt like the other person wouldn't want to keep the commitment, huhuhu..

I dunno whyy.. I felt like lately the lesson that came my way was related to commitment and self-discipline, ahahaha..

And I finally realize that all I can do is trying to keep the commitment in my part, and trying hard not to break it, not because of someone else.. but for myself, cause I need to respect the commitment that I make myself.. regardless the other will keep it or not, it's beyond my control :p

And talking about commitment, like it or not, my mind is always wandering to marriage, wakakakakak..

And I realize it now.. that no matter how good you are, no matter how nice, no matter how hard you try to keep things on the right track, there's an open chance for the other person you're commited to, yupp.. there's still a possibility that the other person will betray your wedding commitment by not being faithful to you and only you!

It's beyond our control how to make the other person to respect the commitment the two of us make, ehh?

All we can do is to make sure that we ourselves keep the commitment that we're taking before God.

Commitment.. Self-discipline..

Why you two approach me nowadays, eh?

Ahh, also with consistency, huahahaha..

I know that I'm lack in those 3 areas :p

Oh well.. now that I know, I might as well use it to be a better version of myself, right? :D

Cai yoo!!

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