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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quotes : Father. Mother. Children.

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It has been ages ago since the first time I ever heard about this quote and I usually thought no further than nodding my head whenever I read the line, ahahaha..

But dunno whyy.. these last couple of days.. this quote started bugging me that made me feel like I should thinking about this more.

The quote is this..

"The best thing a father can do to his children is to love their mom!" (unknown)

There.. ain't the quote made you want to nod in agreement, too? :p

Let's have a look at this one closer.

The best thing a FATHER can do to his CHILDREN is to love their MOM..

When I think about this one over, I feel like there's something that just ain't fit rightly.

Father. Children.

Do you think it's enough for children is their father loves their mom?

Sure it'd be lovely to see how both of your parents love each other dearly.

But let's see again..

Father. Childen.

Children aren't their father's wife!

Children are well, their father's children!

The relationship between children and their father is between parents and children.

So I don't think it's enough for children if their father only loves their mom cause the 'need' in the relationship is not a wifey need but a child's need.. to be loved as who they are, to be loved as children by their father.

And sometimes I feel like we're mixed lots of thing in our relationship with anyone.. and forget our main 'function' in the relationship itself.

How often you can see how parents become their children's best friends instead of being their parents?

I'm not saying that being your children's best friends is a bad thing, it's just that it's not the main point, it's a bonus thing, for the first thing you should do to your children is be their parents.

The kind of parents that could be your children's best friends? That'd bs splendid, but the main thing is never forget your 'position' cause like it or not, sometimes the 'function' itself might differ our reactions in giving our opinions.

Let's have an example..

When a teenage girl gets confused with her boyfriend's persuasive way to be in bed with her, when she comes to her friend, she might get a reaction like this, "What? You haven't done it yet? Oh, girlfriend, you surely have missed the most wonderful feeling in the world when your body become one with the one you love the most!"

But as parents, will you encourage your child to do premarital sex in such young age like that?

Sure you might have done it, too, in your teenage days as well.. but you've grown up, you have learned many things.. the lessons that can be passed on to your children, especially those in their teenage years seem to get confused easily, cause the need to belong and be fitted is such a huge portion in your life, you surely wouldn't like to be deserted by your surroundings, right?

So, I think.. it's better if we redefine again about our relationship with someone and analyze.. have we been 'acting' like how we supposed to? Have we been 'functioning' well?

Cause I think the chaos starts with the wrong way of functioning ourselves..

Well, that's just my opinion, ahahaha..

Cause if I want to modify the quotes like this :

"The best way for a husband can do for his wife is to love her children."

Well, do you think it's enough? :p

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