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Thursday, October 7, 2010

QoD : An Ideal Time-Length To Get To Know Someone

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Let's begin today's post(s) with a question, huehehehe..

"How long do you think is an ideal time to get to know someone a bit better?"

Alright.. I know that it takes a lifetime to get to know someone, let's be realistic for a while, even with ourselves.. there are so many unrevealed layers which we don't know what's inside of them..

Imagine, we've been living with ourselves since the day that we were born but we still haven't completely understood ourselves 100%!!

And I think it's impossible to know ourselves 100%, ahahaha.. cause it's only God who knows us inside out wholefully and truthfully, right? ;)

So it might need double time and double hardwork, to get to know someone else cause we really have no idea what's inside their head, how they truly feel about something..

Of course after getting to know them for a while, we might have an idea how their minds "operate", we might know a bit the way they're thinking, we might know about their likes and dislikes and the reasons why.. but at times they're still surprising for they might react totally different that what we expect them to :p

Why do I ask about this?

Cause I was a bit stunned when my friend told me that her cousin only knew his wife for about 3 months or less before he decided to marry her!

I know it might happen ages ago, in my parents' generation, ahahaha.. but honestly I'm still surprised it still happens nowadays, especially considering the very high rate of divorce in this "modern" days!

Getting to know someone is a lifetime process, that I know.. so, how well have you known your other half by now? ;)

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