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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

QoD : What's Your Life's Phase?

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Good morning, ahaha.. I actually planned to sleep again after making breakfast for my mom but since I haven't touched the computer whole day long yesterday, I've decided to write on this blog, hihihi..

And I'm gonna open today's post by a question :p

"What's your life's phase at the moment?"

For a reason I cannot explain, I feel like I'm in waiting phase right now.

Waiting for what?

Sorry, it's not that I don't wanna share things with you but the problem is.. I don't know what (or who) I'm waiting for, wakakakakakak :p

But one thing I've finally realized now.. I cannot just sit still and do nothing while waiting for whatever (or whoever) things that might come my way..

Yes, I must wait in faith but still do something that I can..

It's like the things that I wrote before.. you cannot just wait for the rain to come, but you must well-prepared yourself so that by the time the rain finally falls, you're ready to accept it, hihihi..

Yupp.. I cannot force the rain to come in my time, but I can make sure I don't throw the garbage on the street so it won't flood when the heavy rain comes, ahahahaha :p

I'm in a waiting phase in my life right now.. waiting for what or who? I really have no idea..

But I do hope that it's something good that will come my way, ahahaha ;)

How about you? What's your life's phase right now? Tell me.. tell mee.. I'd love to hear :D

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