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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Enjoy Ajaa : I Love Being Me

yes.. come rain come shine.. my joy ain't depend on the weathers, huehehehe :p
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I'm a (very) moody person and that I'm well-aware of that 'fact' so very much, ahahaha..

Sometimes being a moody person has its own downfalls cause even when your spirits are in a uphigh mode, a little something might get in a way that upsets you and drag your level of happiness go wayy down in a split second and at times you just can't hold it for not being crashed down..

But another times, it's also my moodiness that uplifting my spirits again for I get bored of my self-pitying, I get bored of being sad over small little (unsignificant) things.. and the mood might bounce back in another directions and I can suddenly be happy again, huahahahaha..

Ain't it great?!

Soo.. I guess with all the flaws and weaknesses that I have.. I can say that I kinda like being me cause I've been with her for all my life and she at times has been extra patience being with me and she has proved me that she really is a loyal companion along the way all through the ups and downs of my life.. and she's the one and only living person who totally understands what I'm feeling inside and most of the times she's also the one who comforts me during my down moments, especially when I feel like no one understands me, huhuhu..

So, myself.. I'm sorry if at times I still mistreat you.. I don't mean to do that to you.. Forgive me if I'm still doing things that hurted you..

Let's walk hand in hand in peace and harmonyy, shall we? ;)

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