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Sunday, October 10, 2010

QoD : Do You Think They Know?

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I like questioning and I let myself questioning any kind of questions that pop in my head.. well, just feel like that I should let myself to cause anyone else might not be patient enough to deal with my questions, wakakakakak :p

One of the reason why I like questioning is probably because deep down I know that an answer will only come when you've already asked the question first.. otherwise it won't be an answer for it will only be a statement, ahahahaha..

Anywayy.. the things that popped in my head couple of days ago was..

"Do you think those who died had already felt it in their hearts that their time was almost up here on Earth?"

Ahahahaha.. see? No wonder some people say that I oftentimes ask the "unnecessary" questions, hihihihi :p

Anywayy.. too bad, those who have experienced it can't be asked while the living ones surely don't have any idea of the answer until the time comes and they are gone..

Cause there's a scene in "Fly Me To Polaris" that made me think that they might know, huehehehe..

Okee dokee.. my time's up for now to write in this blog, I see you later cause hopefully I still have some more stories to share with youu..


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ge siahaya said...

Yes intuitively we knew... But we just could not understand or interpret the feelings.

Ria Tumimomor said...

I think we knew about it...

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