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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CoD : Personal Problems

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I don't remember exactly when and what was the thing that triggered me to go back posting on this blog, ahaha..

I mean really really posting something other than just doing weekly post on "Sunday Messages" :p

But I guess as for now I've gained the spirits back to write here, ahahaha..

For how long?

I dunno.. but I do know that I'm gonna enjoy this while it still lasts :p

So do bear with me if I may become too chatty here, wakakakakak..

As for this post, "CoD : Personal Problems", well.. I've come to (finally) realize that every problem is indeed personal for the one who's facing it!

And when things become personal, they sure have given some pressures for the ones who have them!

So I guess it ain't fair for us to belittle one's problem, no matter how insignificant their problems might seem like, in our point of views..

Cause believe me.. when you're in the middle of the storm itself, it's really hard for you to see things clearly, cause there might be a part of you which denies what you're facing cause you just can't accept the truth cause at times by accepting the "truth" itself, we might as well have to deal with the fact that we do responsible in some part for bringing the problems into our lives, wakakakakak :p

And it ain't an easy thing to admit, ehh? Hihihihi..

And I think emotion is the thing that really gets in a way for us to see things on their equally proportions cause I dunno.. as for me, emotions oftentimes make me be an impulsive person, there's an urge in me that pushing me to do the opposite thing than what I think the other person want me to do, just to upset that person, huahahaha..


See? In my "normal"-self, I might not even want to do that thing either, but because I'm mad at the other person, I do things that later on I realize only a loss in my part, ahahaha..

Okay okayy.. when I reread it again, it doesn't feel like connected with the previous post, wakakakak :p

What are problems to you?

Do you feel they are like burdens in your life?

Or do you see them as challanges that will make you step one place higher once you overcome them?

Anyway you might look at them.. I do hope you're not too drown in your own personal problems cause by being drown, you might as well lose your chance to see that life indeed still gives you so many other blessings ;)

Happy Wednesdayy ^o^ Enjoy your lovely day, rain or shine.. may the sun always shine in your heart ;)

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