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Thursday, October 7, 2010

QoD : About The Past

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Bathroom is such an inspiring room for me, ahahaha.. dunno why, at times I've got some inspiring either ideas or questions when I was taking a bath, hihihi..

That is why I glued a piece of paper in my bathroom wall and I also placed a pen in my toothpaste holder, ahahaha.. so anytime the ideas or questions came, I could interrupt my bathing time and write down the thoughts before they disappeared into thin air :p

One of the thing that came my way more than a week ago was this one..

"Do you think the past is better only because it's already gone?"

Huehehehe.. what do you think?

Sometimes I do feel that way cause come to think of it, at the time when I was living "the past", I didn't feel it was a good condition either, ahahahaha..

And usually the time when I feel the past is better is when I'm down and feels like my current condition ain't a good one, hihihi.. cause after the storm has calmed down again.. ohh boyy.. how the present turns out to be better than the past, wakakakakak :p

Btw, I love the pic of this post.. sometimes our "shadows" are far more honest than our ownselves, ehh? Ahahahaha..

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