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Monday, October 11, 2010

Handsome Parades : Legolas & Orlando Bloom

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Aaiihh.. udah lama bangets yaa ngga bikin parade foto pria2 tampan, huahahaha..

*jadi kangen*

Baiklahh.. hari ini gua akan kembali memanjakan mata dengan foto2 pria tampan, kali ini gua pilih seorang karakter fiksi yang dulu pada jamannya itu sempat amat sangaaaaattt mempesona di mata gua, ahahaha..

Yupp.. he's none other than.. LEGOLAS!!

Here are his pics which are taken from various sources in the net with the keyword "Legolas"..

don't you just lovee his smile?! *cupss*

duhh.. tuh idung mancung amat, ahahaha :p

nice sketch, eh?


And you know what.. saking sedemikian kesemsemnya ama Legolaaasss.. I gotta say that the first time I knew the real face of the man who played as Legolas, Orlando Bloom.. I was kinda.. errmm.. disappointed, wakakakakak..

Orlie is much MUCH cuter as Legolas, hihihihi :p

Tapii.. seiring berjalannya waktu, gua mulai bisa "menerima" wajah aslinya si "Legolas" and mulai "menikmati" tampangnya Orlando Bloom yang diliat2 *eheemm* manis juga, ahahahaha..

Mari kita nikmati wajah aslinya "Legolas", pics of Orlando Bloom are taken from various sources in the net with keyword "Orlando Bloom"..

lama2 diliat cakeps juga yaa ;) *tapi tetap lebih suka Legolas, ahahaha :p*
nahh.. di sini si orlie cutee *cupss*
orliee.. cakepan tanpa kumiisss :p

Hmm.. hmm.. now I'm thinking who's gonna be the next face on my "Handsome Parades", hihihi :p

Happyy Mondayy!!

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