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Thursday, October 7, 2010

CoD : What's Your Response?

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Funny how the last couple of days I've got the same messages from time to time, ahahaha..

"Why do you think some people are more stressed than the others?"

Is it because some have more problems than the other?

Hmm.. do you really think so?

Cause I think the stressed-free people don't necessary mean they don't have any problems at all in their lifes..

It might be more because they response differently from the ones who get stressed out when problems come their ways, huehehehe..

Which again reminds me of what some priests said..

Well, I like making conclusions so at times from what people say, I like making my own conclusions based on what they say plus the way that my brain's processing the information I receive, ahahaha..

There are at least 3 responses when someone's having a problem..

Firstly.. they stand still where they are without doing anything and their problems seem like don't effect them much.

Secondly.. you might run further away from your problems and pretend that they don't even exist!

And thirdly.. although you might feel scared of what's gonna happen next, you've decided to face them and take the consequences.

Well, I dunno why, since the first time I heard about these things.. my mind always wondered about life's problems and how our response to God..

When problems come our ways.. when they seem to drag us down and makes us feel hard to breathe.. what's your response?

Do you : come closer to God cause you know you can't go on without the strength from Him? Turn your back on God cause you feel He's the one who causes all things that happen to you? Or you just walk in place and not coming closer or moving further away from God cause you see problems as normal as breathing so no need to make a fuss on them?

Everyone has problems in their lifes.. big or small for other people, it always feels heavy for the ones who's having it, especially on the down moments in their lifes..

It rained earlier this afternoon in my place but rain or shine, may the sun always shine in your heart ;)

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