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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

QoD : Coincidence?

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"Do you believe in coincidence?"

"Or are you more of a type who believes that everything happens for a reason?"

Somewhat I'm the second type, huehehe.. I don't believe in 'random' anymore.. I believe there are no such things as coincidences.

Sometimes you might understand the reason 'why' within a short time after that 'coincidence' happens, although at times it takes longer than that to understand and yet there are soo many unsolved mysteries in life, ahahaha..

About a week ago, I found another interesting facts about a friend of mine..

I have realized for some time that in a way I'm like her.. dunno exactly in which areas but I can feel that we're both similar, especially about our family background.

Funnily to sayy..

That very day I found out about some other similar things we shared in common which made me confuse whether to laugh out loud or just put a bitter smile on my face, ahahaha..

Too manyy.. yess, too many coincidences!

And I couldn't decide yet whether the 'reason' why we became close was for me to see that I might end up like her? Or.. what?


I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to be like her, cause in a way she's far better than me, ahahaha..

But the thing that we had in common.. hmm.. I dunno, I sense some bitterness in that area and she's more spoken than me in showing her feelings about that matter that made me questioning myself whether I have also fallen in bitterness without even realized that I had?!

You know, getting to know someone a bit better is also a chance for you to know yourself better, ahahaha.. cause they're like revealing your layer that you might not even know existed!

Sometimes I think the people around us is like our reflections.. sadly to say, oftentimes we shut our eyes and don't want to see or even admit that it's there, ahahahaa :p

So, do you believe in coincidence?

Watch out, there might be a sign for you to look closer and find out more about yourself!


Happy Coincidence Dayy ;)

*of course I made up that one :p*

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a wonderer soul

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the dream catcher said...

i believe them both... Depends on the situation :)

ge siahaya said...

No, I do not believe in coincidences, i believe things happen for a reason, but it does not always have to be some big and important reason(s)behind every "coincidences".

-Indah- said...

Riaa.. sipp dhe ;)

G.. *manggut2 setuju*

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