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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CoD : One Unison

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I finally get it!

We shouldn't and couldn't separate the vertical and horizontal relationship for one should be the reflection of the other!

They both should be on the same direction, if not.. then you're NOT on the right track!!

For He is love so when you're in a close relationship with Him then love should be within you and with love in your heart, you will treat others in a loving way ;)

Don't you think?

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the soul traveller

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g. siahaya said...

Bener banget, Indah.. Tulisan singkat ini, cara pengungkapan paling pas... Hmm... Thanks for the reminder ya.

Indah said...

Sami2, G, ini juga sekalian mengingatkan diri sendiri, ahahaha :D

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