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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CoD : Careful With Your Words

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Be careful with your words for your words are the reflection of your soul.

If you don't want people to know much about yourself, keep your words for yourself, ahahaha :p

For sometimes.. we reveal more about ourselves in our given opinions.

And I always think everyone only responsible with what they say.

We're NOT responsible for what others might think about what we say.

I mean, if I'm not referring in anyone in particular, if you feel offended about what I say, shouldn't you reflect why do you have to be offended by me?

The way we respond something reflects more about ourselves than about people who say things about us.

No matter how "good" our words are, there might be people out there who will take it the "wrong" way.

And no matter how "bad" our words are, some people might see the "good" thing in them.


I still think.. just release the message free, ahahaha..

And let it find its needed soul.

Either you mean good or not, there's always people who will misinterpret your intention.

What's more important for me is.. I know my own intention.

And as for the receivers?

Let them deal with that themselves, ahahaha..

Life's too short to take care of others problems as our own as well :p

Let's just enjoy the rain ;)

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Milla Widia N said...

mulutmu, harimaumu... hati2 dengan kata2 yg keluar dari mulut kita, karena itu merefleksikan siapa diri kita sebenarnya...
oya, hati2 kemakan sama omongan dari mulut kita sendiri juga sich... bukan begitu intinya? ^_^

richo said...

salam kenal yah....

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