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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

QoD : I

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Have you ever wondered why "I" is always in capital even though it's in the middle of the sentence?


Is it related with the way we're being the self-centered society?

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emmanuellykeisa said...

aku rasa juga demikian Ndah..

tapi ini hasil nyari di om google


ini satu pendapat..

The first person subject pronoun, "I", is always written in uppercase (majuscule). In French and most other languages it is written just like all the other pronouns. I spent ages this morning (it's my day off) trying to find a decent explanation, without much success. The most common theory is that when the old English "Ich" (like in German) became reduced to "I" it was thought to be too small and insignificant to be a real word and could easily get attached to the end or beginning of another word. So scribes and later printers took the habit of capitalising it.

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Contacts and Cocktails said...

Hello, as a frenchie I just thought about this question about the I capitalized and I think English and American people have strong "myself". I mean, what is important in life? YOU, what you decide to do, to be, to love etc.

kayanya, dua2nya bisa bener :D

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